How to make a PowerPoint poster

These steps explain how to create a poster for a poster presentation from scratch or from an existing PowerPoint slide presentation.

Create your presentation

Using PowerPoint, create your presentation as a series of slides.  Save the presentation as a PowerPoint file.

If some of the slides could be used as elements of your poster, you can do this. Perform a "Save As" to save each slide as a PNG, GIF or JPEG (see below).  It will then be possible to import one or more of these individual slides into your poster presentation.

A better idea is to pick and choose individual images from your slides and paste them into your poster. PowerPoint is a fairly good tool for drawing additional graphics to use on your poster, as well.

Be sure to save everything you create so that you can go back to the originals if needed.

Download the template

Download the PowerPoint example poster (YourName_poster.ppt).  Rename the file to indicate your name, or the name of your group or team.  If you are interested, you can compare the poster with the original PowerPoint presentation (ExamplePresentation.ppt).

You can also create the poster from scratch if you have more experience with PowerPoint. Create a single page that is 24" wide by 32" high.

Design your poster

Open the template in PowerPoint and use it as a starting point for your poster.  Keeping your presentation open at the same time will allow you to easily copy individual images and text elements from your presentation to the poster.  Here are some useful tips and information:

Save your poster

Save the poster as a PowerPoint Presentation.  You can also save the poster as a Jpeg or PNG (see below).

You're done!

Presentation & Poster FAQ

What Font should I use?

How can I save my slides as JPEG, PNG, etc.

To save your PowerPoint slides as Jpeg image files, for example, select File->Save As->Jpeg File Interchange Format (*.jpg), and have it export "Every Slide" to a Jpeg file.  Each slide will be saved as a separate Jpeg image.

How to I print it on a regular printer?

What are other online references for making posters?


updated 09/02/09