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Heal Your Back Pain

  • 1. Do you have pain in your back or neck or shoulders or knees or suffer from migraines or anxiety or other pain that doesn't seem to have an obvious cause? Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Are you hard on yourself? Do you have trouble showing your anger or frustration when that's what you are feeling? Then these next few steps could help you.
  • 2. Read this to get the idea: Dr. John Sarno and Tension Myositis Syndrome
  • 3. Watch this to get a better idea: 20/20 episode about TMS (15 mins.)
  • 4. Important next step, follow the suggested steps (because you're a perfectionist and want to do this right, right?) here: So You Think You Might Have TMS
  • At this point, your pain might already feel a little better. Don't stop, get one of Sarno's books from the library, dig through YouTube for more videos and Google for more information and testimonials, and check out some of the resources below:
  • The role the brain plays in pain - Mind Body Syndrome lecture (8:48)
  • Dr. Howard Schubiner lecture - four 15 min segments
  • Tension Myositis Syndrome - Wikipedia article that gets into more detail
  • Your Pain Is Real - Do you have TMS?
  • - Great info & videos, targeted at runners, on healing TMS