Devouring Word Crimes!

Shark Bait!

You were? When will baby be back again? - Cassidy L.

Theirs a hand! - Anonymous

Exquses are like belly buttons. - Stephanie B.

It wood of been better to use would've. - Anonymous

I never knew Kuntucky was on the Prere? - Emma D.

Watch this video and lern ya som more. - Emma D.

Score: Good Grammar 0, ACME 15. - Annie

Cheap stuff. Cheaper grammar. - Sanjana

Your not the best student ever. - Anonymous

Somebody didn't pay attention in shcool? - Anonymous

Does this restaurant serve "food"? - Anonymous

Also, please drive good. - Anonymous

Tip, where do you keep your "excepted"? - Anonymous

Can I be a frog, instead? - Anonymous