CSC 9010/5930 Service Oriented Architecture
Design and Analysis
Spring 2008


Instructors Dr. Vijay Gehlot
165B Mendel Science Center
Dr. Thomas Way
160A Mendel Science Center
Office hours (See course web site)
Teaching Assistant TBD
Textbook TBD
Web site and follow the link for CSC 9010/5930

Fundamental concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), including related computer science, engineering and business aspects. Design, modeling and simulation of SOA software systems.

In this course you will learn about the emerging science and technology of Service Oriented Architecture through lecture, outside speakers, team-based programming projects, and experimentation with modeling and simulation techniques. Aspects of computer science, business and engineering will be explored, bringing current industry technology and ideas into the classroom, preparing students with comprehensive knowledge and broad perspective of this important trend in software engineering.

Lesson plan
Each class meeting will consist of discussion of one or more assigned readings from the course textbook or selected online sources, presentation of a major SOA topic or pertinent guest speaker, and hands-on experimentation and programming with industry standard software tools. Students will explore SOA through a number of programming, modeling and simulation projects, culminating with a large, team-based, final project.
Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture
SOA in Computer Science
SOA in Business
SOA in Engineering
Modeling SOA with CPN
Modeling SOA with OPNET
Grading policy
30%  Homework assignments
50%  Programming projects
20%  Final project
Final grades
Clearly outstanding work will earn an A grade. Otherwise excellent work will earn a B, with C, D and F awarded for good, passable and poor work. Plus and minus grades will be used appropriately for borderline cases, with class participation contributing favorably.

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