CSC 5930 Computer Game Development

Spring 2009 Teams & Experts

Download and try our game demos here

The Awesomes Project Status

Vince Vuono
Comp Sci
programming, ideas, art

Joe Tacynec
art, story, marketing

Mike Mucci

design, story, programming

Chris Miller
Comp Sci
programming, general
  • Game 1: Jewel Nabber
  • Game 2: Enhanced Jewel Nabber
  • TCNJ Project: TCNJ RPG

Boom Project Status

John Roland
Comp Engr
Java, C/C++, C#

Mat Goldsborough
Comp Engr

C/C++, .Net, Java, source control

Louis Criso
Comp Engr
C/C++, Java, Perl, Ksh

// no comment Projects

AJ Palkovic
Comp Sci
programming, some graphics

John McCoey
Comp Sci

programming, photoshop

Joelle Fanciullo

design, story, programming

Mike Hercenberg
Comp Sci
programming, gaming, math, physics
  • Game 1: Tank Buster
  • Game 2: Submarine Treasure Quest
  • TCNJ Project: Game Engine

ATARI Projects

Joe Charpentier
Comp Sci
C/C++, Java, Flash, photoshop, math, business

Elliot Whaley
Comp Sci
C, Java, Scheme, Ruby, photoshop, math, organization, Spanish

Andrew Chickadel
Comp Sci
C, Java, writing, brainstorming

John Barthmaier
Comp Sci
gaming, Kronos, TMA, Java, C
  • Game 1: Frogger Extreme
  • Game 2: Mancala
  • TCNJ Project: rice

DJC2 Projects

Drew Schauble
VB, html, online gaming, MIS

Chris McMurray
Apple PCs, online flash gaming, writing, story structure

Jake Sabulsky
Comp Engr
C/C++, Java, assembly, gaming

Chris Danner
Elect Engr

Matlab, C, gaming
  • Game 1: Zombie Nation
  • Game 2: Enhanced Zombie Nation
  • TCNJ Project: TCNJ RPG

Team America Projects

Andrew MacKenzie
CS minor, Java, C, Ruby on Rails

Dan McGuane
Java, VB, C++, C#, business

Michael Witkiewicz
C++, business

Team Awesome Projects

Aaren McLucas
Comp Engr
C/C++, Java, Matlab, VHDL, programming

Xavier Halloran
Comp Sci
C/C++, Java, Php, SQL, Apple computers

Frank Bertini
Comprehensive Sci
  • Game 1: Zombie Infection
  • Game 2: Google Map Navigation in Processing
  • TCNJ Project: Game Engine

TCNJ Games

Prof. Kim Pearson
Course & Project Wiki
Tasks for Villanova to support TCNJ
  • create VU team page
  • create VU page on wiki
  • review wiki, design, plans
  • generate questions, post to wiki
  • explore cross-class communications options
  • hold first cross-class meeting
  • post skills matrix to wiki
  • post general feedback on wiki
  • propose tasks, comments, etc.
  • assist in design of tasks
  • identify tasks and begin work
  • implement needed components