CSC 4700 Software Engineering Spring 2011


MW 1:30-2:45, Mendel Science Center G87
Instructor Dr. Thomas Way
160A Mendel Science Center
Phone:  (610) 519-5033
Office hours (See my web site)
Teaching Assistant See instructor for help. General help is available from Programming Assistants.
Office hours: see Programming Assistants' schedule on CS Dept. web site
Textbook None. We will use online resources.
Web site and follow the link for CSC 4700

Management and production of software systems; the software life cycle; software design techniques and methodologies; participation in a team software development project. Writing Intensive. Prerequisite: CSC 1052. (3 Credits)
  • Survey the discipline of software engineering, including development processes, life-cycle models, quality issues, requirements analysis, design techniques, testing, and project management.
  • Provide experience as a team member of a medium-scale software development project, focusing on requirements elicitation, specification, and design.
  • Study and practice oral and written communication skills with respect to software development projects.
  • Explore modern software development tools.
  • Gain a strong enough foundation in Software Engineering that it could lead to a career.
What to Expect
By the end of the semester, you should feel prepared to accept an entry level position as a Software Engineer. We will study the latest and most relevant topics, learn about current and popular development tools and approaches, and do quite a bit of hands-on software engineering including prototyping, requirements specification, software design, development and testing.

Learning will consist of some traditional lecture, along with a lot of hands-on activities and guided experimentation. At times we will work, in class, as a single, large team to try to solve some specific challenge or case study in software engineering.

You will participate in a small group project in addition to some individual work, including a variety of small quizzes, homework assignments, design exercises, online detective work and a comprehensive final exam. Participation is important, and could be a deciding factor in your grade.

Due to the team project part of this course, there will be a number of class periods that will be designated for team meetings where the class will not meet as a whole, using the time to meet either with the instructor or as a team.

Writing Intensive

Note that this course fulfills the Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement for CS majors. Topics related to technical writing will be covered during course lectures. In addition to essay based exercises, students may be required to critique software design documents provided by the instructor. Individuals and teams will be required to produce several documents to support their various projects.

Grading policy
25%  Homework assignments, quizzes, reading reviews, etc.
20%  Individual project tasks
30%  Team project(s)
20%  Final Exam
  5%  Participation (attendance, class discussion, intellectual contribution to class)
Final grades
92 A 88 B+ 78 C+ 68 D+
90 A- 84 B 74 C 64 D
80 B- 70 C- 60 D-

No missed tests without prior excuse. Each case will be handled separately based on its own merits. Makeup tests will be much more difficult than regularly scheduled tests. Each student is responsible for what is covered and assigned in any classes which they miss. Abuse of this policy will result in a loss of leniency.
Late Assignment Policy
No assignments will be accepted late without the direct consent of the instructor prior to the due date of the assignment.  Typical penalty is 10% off for each day an assignment is late. Absolutely no assignments will be accepted beyond the date of the final exam.
Academic Integrity Please be cognizant of the difference between individual and group projects, and used good judgment in following the University's policy on Academic Integrity. Severe academic penalities will be imposed for violations of this policy, such as receiving at a minimum 0% credit for an assignment, or at the maximum a failing grade for the course, at the discretion of the instructor.

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