Awards Committee
of the Faculty Congress

2019 Award Season

Most forms are accessible from the Faculty Congress Awards Page.

Nomination requests sent on 2/07/19 (tentatively) by the President for the following, with nomination deadline of end of day 2/22/19:

Full-time faculty and students can nominate faculty for:

Full-time faculty can nominate faculty for:

Full-time faculty can nominate staff for:

Full-time faculty, chairpersons, academic directors, and deans can nominate faculty for:

Students can nominate faculty for:

Nomination request sent on 11/30/18 by the Provost for the following, with nomination deadline of end of day 12/21/18. Supporting materials requested from nominees on 2/07/19, with deadline of 2/15/19:

Handled independently by the Provost's Research Office, so there is no FC action needed for this one:

Handling Nominations

Nominations will all go to:

  • - check email here
  • - check email here
  • IMAP setup example:\facultycongressaward, password is for username

Acquiring access to email accounts: submit access request via UNIT for Faculty Congress Chair, who should then be able to add additional users to the access list

Steps for review

  • Create Excel doc with page for each award
  • Populate pages with nominations for each award on the nomination deadline(s)
  • Review nominations, evaluate, discuss, meet, rank, request additional materials when called for
  • Quickly review additional materials received, add information to spreadsheet, meet, select
  • Select recommendations for recipients of each, and in some cases second and third recommendations, each with brief justification
  • Have Faculty Congress approve results as timely and practical, or FCEC if necessary
  • Notify President, Provost, AVP Research, etc., with results
  • Keep the end of March commencement program deadline
  • For the Facultas Award, the deadline is later (Spring Staff & Faculty Picnic in May)


last update: 02/13/2019