Requirements: Generate JVM Code



                     Alter Bison grammar file

o   Separate expressions from statements

o   No if without matching else

o   Remove %expect 1 declaration

                     Create functions for JVM code generation

o   Ex: arithmetic operations, method operations, etc

                     Add mid-rule actions to tiny.y to call JVM code generation functions

                     Test program

                     Update Makefile


Work Progress:

         4/10/10 ~ Identified requirements, created plan (30 min)

         4/17/10 ~ Made changes to Bison grammar file (1 hour)

         5/2/10 ~ Created functions for JVM code generation, called methods from tiny.y (2 hours)

         5/4/10 ~ Finished JVM functions, updated tiny.y, started testing (2 hours)

         5/5/10 ~ Finished testing, updated makefile, finalized submission (1.5 hours)




Estimated Hours of Work for This Phase: 6 hours


Actual Hours of Work for This Phase (to date):  6 hours