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1997 Pennsylvania Statistics Poster Competition

The String Thing

Grades 4-6: FIRST PRIZE

The String Thing

Comments by the Judges:

Conveys an experimental manipulation of two factors (washer weight and string length) in a clear and simple manner. The hand drawn graphics were visually pleasing and presented in a logical order.


It would have been a stronger presentation if the hypothesis (on the back of the chart) had been displayed on the chart as well as having the conclusions worked into the titles of the graphs. Labeling the factors on the graphs would have helped readability. The use of lineplots for the five trials was questionable. It implied that the order of the trials was important rather than the magnitude of the values. Bar, stem leaf, or deviation charts about mean across trials would be more informative about showing the variability in the trials. The length of string factor on the bottom graph should have been presented in increasing order as in the top graph.

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