CSC4480: Principles of Database Systems
Deliverable for Phase 1: Project Proposal

Our company is a Trading Card company called the DataBEASTS. They provide trading cards to customers that can be used in battle games and competitions. Everyone loves trading cards!

Business Rules:

  1. A Customer has an ID number, a name (First and Last), a phone number, an email address, and an address. The Card Company includes a system by which a customer can play against another customer. The outcome of the match is stored.
  2. An Order has an Order Number, which is an identifier. A Customer can place an Order through their Account. An Order consists of one or more Cards.
  3. An Account has an Account Number, which is an identifier, a balance, a win/loss record, and a rating calculated from the win/loss record.
  4. A Card has an ID, a name, a price, a power level, and a health level. A Card is produced by one or more Factories.
  5. A Warehouse has an ID, a location and a size. A Factory has an ID and a location. A Truck has an ID and a storage location (either in a factory or a warehouse). A Truck delivers from a unique Factory to a unique Warehouse, or from a unique Warehouse to a unique Customer.
  6. An Employee has an Employee ID. An Employee is one and only one of the following: a Truck Driver, a Graphic Designer, or an Imagineer (a person who designs cards). A Truck Driver drives a unique Truck. A Graphic Designer and an Imagineer both design 0 or more cards. Also, Designers and Imagineers work at Factories.
  7. Players have an Inventory that consists of their purchased cards.
  8. Players can build multiple Decks from their Inventory of Cards. Cards can appear in multiple decks.


  1. A Customer can cancel his Order, in which case the Card(s) are not delivered and the Account is refunded.


  1. Which Cards are purchased the most?
  2. Which cards appear most frequently in the decks of the players?
  3. Which employees have worked on the most popular cards?
  4. Which Customers have the highest rating?
  5. How expensive are shipping costs?


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