Project Deliverable #2: Entity-Relationship Model

This model is captures the requirements for the DataBEASTS

Entity-Relationship Diagram

DataBEAST ER Model

Entity-Relationship Dictionary

Customer Entity

A person who purchases cards from our company.


Player Entity

A type of customer that plays in card matches against other customer players


Game Entity

A matchup between two players who wish to do battle.


Truck Entity

A vehicle used to transport orders to customers from warehouses, or from factories to warehouses. Driven by a Truck Driver.


Account Entity

An entity associated with a Customer. This entity can assist a customer in their purchase of cards.


Employee Entity

An employee that works for the DataBEASTS Company. An employee is an Imagineer, Graphic Designer, or Truck Driver.


Imagineer Entity

An employee of the DataBEASTS company that is responsible for creating cards and designing the rules that govern it.

Truck Driver Entity

An employee responsible for driving trucks.

Graphic Designer Entity

An employee whose job it is to design the art for various cards.

Warehouse Entity

A location where cards that have been produced are stored and where trucks are parked.


Factory Entity

The location that produces cards.


Order Entity

An order of one or more cards placed by a customer through their account.


Trucks and Truck Drivers have been removed