Wireless WAN vs Wireless WLAN

This white paper provided a good summary and comparison of wireless LANs and wireless WANs. The auther provided information on the uses or each type of network, the advantages and disadvantages, and a discussion on how these two types of networks can work together.

At first, the author makes you feel as if he is comparing apples to oranges, based on the different scopes of uses that the wireless WAN and wireless LAN entail, but it in the end, you feel as if he is comparing oranges to tangerines. While the two types of networks operate in different ranges, they both provide the user with the same end result: wireless access to information that normally requires a hard line connection.

However, there are many differences to the technologies at this time. For one, each type of network is at different ends of the security spectrum. Wireless LANs are not very secure while wireless WANs are very secure. The author goes on to explain how wireless LANs are much faster than wireless WANs but how wireless WANs can handle voice transfer and wireless LANs can't. The other difference the author mentions is that wireless LANs are typically free of charge while with wireless WANs, there will normally be a service fee.

This is a very good article for providing the basics into two emerging technologies that are sure to be in widespread use in the near future. As some of the speed and security issues of wireless WANs and wireless LANs, respectively, are resolved, each will become more and more popular. It is important to mention that these two technolgies compliment each other and provide the same service at different distance ranges.