Shaping the Preparation of Future Science and Mathematics Faculty:

A Preparing Future Faculty Program of
The Council of Graduate Schools
and The Association of American Colleges and Universities

in collaboration with ACM/SIGCSE

with support from the National Science Foundation

ACM/SIGCSE is one of several collaborating professional societies in the program, Shaping the Preparation of Future Science and Mathematics Faculty, sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools and the American Association of Colleges and Universities, with funding from the National Science Foundation. The goals and benefits of this program include:

The PFF program brings universities--the "producers"--and colleges--the "consumers"-- into partnership to offer faculty preparation that is more in line with the missions of undergraduate colleges and the characteristics of their students. The PFF concept holds that doctoral students considering academic careers need to be prepared not only to conduct research, but also to teach and work within a variety of diverse institutions. The SIGCSE PFF Leadership Team recognizes that the situation in computing is different from that in the other disciplines in this project. The most recent CRA Taulbee Survey shows that only about 1/3 of the new Ph.D.s in computing enter academia. The Team hopes that this initiative will encourage more students to pursue academic careers.

To implement this concept, Ph.D. degree-granting departments, in consortium with similar academic departments in non-degree granting institutions, collaborate to provide a laboratory for graduate students to learn about the full range of faculty roles and responsibilities in teaching, research, and service. These collaborations creatively leverage small grants to forge partnerships within the computing sciences. These partnerships will allow graduate students aspiring to careers in academia to enter as competent professionals who have already begun a process of growth and self-reflection as teachers and scholars.

Clusters focusing on computer science have been formed at

In addition to the NSF-funded computer science clusters several research universities have active cross-disciplinary clusters. These include:

You may read more about the PFF concept at

Activities of interest to cluster members and others concerned about future faculty for computer science include

Revised February 15, 2000, R. E. Beck