CSC 9010: Special Topic
Natural Language Processing

Spring, 2005, Thurs, 6:15-9:00
Mendel 156
Papalaskari, Matuszek

Grading and Assignments.

Grading will be based on:

Homework assignments and labs. These will be short homework assignments and longer lab exercises which are designed to give you experience with Natural Language Processing, Python, the Natural Language Toolkit.  30% of your grade.

Project. Each student will select an area of NLP for a more in-depth project, and will present that project to the class at the end of the semester.   35% of your grade.

Exam.  There will be single comprehensive exam after major topics have been covered.  35% of your grade.

Class participation will be taken into account, and can raise or lower your grade by up to 1/2 grade.  (eg, B to B+)