CSC 9010, Spring 2005 Natural Language Processing

Paula Matuszek, Mary-Angela Papalaskari

NLP Student Presentations

Your presentation will involve choosing a topic in the area of natural language processing and presenting it to the class. It should take about 30 minutes, and be designed to teach the class something about your chosen area. It could include a powerpoint presentation which summarizes your topic, a demo of a specific NLP system or tool, a code walkthrough of something you have implemented, or a hands-on lab which gives experience with a specific technique. You should hand in a writeup of your project, including your overheads, lab exercises, or other materials, and including a reference section which lists all references you use.

Some potential sources of topics:

This is just a starting list. You can find many more by searching on various of the terms we have used in class, following links from these or from materials we have used in class, searching for the authors of papers we have read, etc.

The general area of your topic is due in two weeks, Feb 24. We will review them, make sure they're okay, and let you know where there is any duplication. A more detailed (one paragraph or so) writeup is due March 10, after spring break. The longer descriptions will be posted on the class web page.

IMPORTANT: Change from the usual. Please EMAIL your topic to, with the subject NLP Topic.

You MUST follow all academic integrity guidelines. This means that all material you use must be properly quoted and referenced. This includes code, manuals, web pages, presentations, and professional papers, and any other material which you do not write yourself. It also means that your project should not consist entirely or mostly of extracts from other people's work. Any project in which we detect plagiarism will automatically receive a zero. "I didn't understand" will not be accepted as a mitigating factor; if you have any questions or potential concerns, talk to us beforehand.