This assignment is only required of graduate students. The goal of the research paper/presentation is to bring you up to speed of the current state of the art of networking. Student teams are allowed to work on and deliver presentations, however papers must be completed individually.

The first step is to identify an interesting networking topic that you would like to investigate on your own. Example topics are networks security (worms, viruses, spyware, DDos, middleboxes, honey-pots), routing security, privacy and anonymity without PKI, ISP traffic engineering, wireless and sensor networks, future directions in the Internet architecture, etc.

Submit a half-page description of your research topic. Your description should includes the following elements:

  1. One paragraph describing the topic you plan to investigate.
  2. One paragraph describing the motivation for your topic. Explain why your topic is interesting and important.
  3. State whether you intend to deliver a paper or a presentation, and the reasons that drive your choice.
I will provide feedback on your proposed research topic. Have fun!