Instructor: Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A
Aug. 27: Course Overview (pdf). Assignment #1 out.
Refresher on Socket Programming (pdf).
Sep. 10: The Data Link Layer (pdf).
Sep. 17: Network Layer: The Internet Protocol (IP,  pdf).
Optionally read The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols.
Sep. 24: Network Layer: The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv4, pdf)
Oct. 1: Network Discovery (DNS, DHCP, ARP, pdf).
Read Kaminsky's DNS Vulnerability.
Oct. 8: Midterm.
Oct. 15-21: Fall Break
Oct. 22: Transport Layer (TCP, UDP, pdf). In-class exercise (pdf).
Optionally read the wikibook section on Congestion Control.
Oct. 29: Class canceled (Sandy superstorm).
Nov. 5: Internet Routing (RIP, OSPF, pdf). BGP Routing (voice over ppt, slide show).
Optionally read BGP Security Survey.
Nov. 12: Middleboxes (pdf)
Nov. 19: Network Security (voice over ppt, slide show).
Nov. 20-25: Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 26: Mobile IP (pdf). IPv6 (pdf).
Dec. 3: Andrew: The libcurl Library
Bharath: Wireless TCP
Chris: SPDY: An Experimental Protocol for a Faster Web
Rusul: Peer to Peer Networks
Taylor: IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Mechanisms
Dec. 10: Anthony: Cyber Gaming
Brad: The Event-based akka Framework
Mike: Voice over IP
Nakul: Session Initiation Protocol
Tyler: Cellular Networks