Instructor: Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A
Aug. 27: Assignment #1: Simple HTTP Proxy. Due on Sept. 10.
(Check out the material on network programming in the Links section of the course)
Sep. 10: Data Link Layer. Due on Sept. 17.
Sep. 17: Decoding Ethernet and IP headers. Due on Sept. 24.
Sep. 24: Network Layer. Due on Oct. 1.
Oct. 15-21: Fall Break
Oct 22: Analyzing UDP, TCP, DHCP and DNS Traffic (pdf). Due on Oct. 29.
Nov. 5: TCP Protocol (pdf). Due on Nov. 12.
Email your instructor one paragraph describing the topic of your project / presentation. Due on Nov. 12.
Nov. 12: Understanding Routing Protocols (pdf). Due on Nov. 19.
Nov. 19: Network Security (answers to the questions on the last lecture slide). Due on Nov. 26.
Nov. 20-25: Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 26: OpNet Lab Simulation Due.
Dec. 10: Last chance to submit your instructor-approved delayed assignments.

Access to the Network Simulation Experiments Manual requires registration (use the PIN number that comes with your textbook).

Student OpNet Lab#
Rusul A. Lab 9
Bharath Kumar C.L.V. Lab 3
Taylor C. Lab 15
Andrew D. Lab 4
Anthony D. Lab 2
Christopher H. Lab 9
Bradford M. Lab 14
Nakul R. Lab 1
Michael S. Lab 5
Tyler Y. Lab 12