Instructor: Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A
Week 1: Jan. 15 Computer Graphics Pipeline (pdf). Assignments #1 out.
Handouts squares.cpp; primitives.cpp; gasket.cpp
Week 2: Jan. 22 OpenGL Viewing Pipeline and Event Handling (pdf).
Handouts viewport.cpp; events.cpp
Week 3: Jan. 29 Transformations (pdf).
Handouts: 2D Transforms (pdf, applet); 3D Transforms (pdf, applet)
Week 4: Feb 5 OpenGL 3D Primitives (pdf); OpenGL Transforms (pdf)
Handouts: MODELVIEW (pdf); Push/PopMatrix (pdf); OpenGL Transforms (pdf, applet)
Week 5: Feb. 12 Character Modeling in Blender (online video).
Week 6: Feb. 19 Hierarchical Modeling (pdf). Online Example.
Handout: robotSkeleton.cpp
Week 7: Feb. 26 Viewing and Projection (pdf). Handout: robotZoom.cpp
Code completed in class: inclass-robotZoom.cpp
Mar. 4-10: Spring Break
Week 8: Mar. 12 No class meeting this week.
Keyframe Interpolation (pdf slides and recorded lecture, .mp4 format, 292 Mb, 45 mins).
Interpolation assignment out.
Week 9: Mar. 19 Lighting and Shading (pdf). Handouts: Hands-on Lab and spotlight.cpp. Lighting and Shading assignment out.
Week 10: Mar. 26 No class meeting this week.
Mar. 27 - Apr. 1: Easter Break
Week 11: Apr. 2 Rasterization (pdf)
Week 12: Apr. 9 Texture Mapping (pdf)
Hands-on OpenGL Texture Mapping (html)
Week 13: Apr. 16 Project Work
Week 14: Apr. 23 Advanced Topics and Grand Challenges Projects (pdf)
Week 15: Apr. 30 Student Project Presentations