Help: Instructor Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A. Office hours are on T(4:00-5:30) and Th(10:00-11:00).  
Piazza: Post your questions and answers on the Piazza class site.  
Jan. 15: Assignment #1: The Blender Interface. Due on  
Jan. 22: Assignment #2: Basic Blender Editing. OpenGL Views and Events. Due on  
Jan. 31: Assignment #3: 2D Transforms and 3D Transforms. Due on  
Feb. 5: Assignment #4: OpenGL Transforms. Due on  
Feb. 5: Assignment #5: 3D Blender Modeling using 2D Front and Side Views. Due on Hall of Fame
Feb. 12: Assignment #6: Hierarchical Modeling in OpenGL and Blender. Due on Hall of Fame
If needed, you may have an extension till the end of the Spring break (March 12).  
Mar. 11: Assignment #7: Keyframe Interpolation and Animation in OpenGL. Due on  
Template code for animating a robot arm using interpolation and resulted movie (based on keyframe.txt).  
Mar. 19: Assignment #8 (Part I): Materials and Lighting in Blender. Due on  
Mar. 19: Assignment #8 (Part II): Setting up a Lighted Colored World in OpenGL. Due on Hall of Fame
Template code for importing .obj models:  
Apr. 9: Assignment #9: Texturing and Flying Through Your World. Due on  
Apr. 23: Final Project: A Short (≤ 3 mins) Movie Contest. Due on Hall of Fame