CSC 4480: Principles of Database Systems
Project Phase 5: DML Queries

For this deliverable you'll write a series of SELECT statement queries to answer the business questions originally posed by the "client".

Deliverable Format

Your deliverable must be uploaded on your project website, and must contain the following two sections:

  1. At least six business questions, the SELECT statement queries that answer these questions, and the result sets produced.
  2. Descriptions of any changes from the previous deliverable.

Each of these sections is described in more detail below.

SELECT Statement Queries

Pose at least six business questions and write SELECT queries to answer them. Three of these questions should come from the original proposal, but you may invent new questions for the remaining three. State the question that is being asked for each query, and also a short explanation of why the question is relevant to the business.

Write the full SELECT statement that answers the query. At least four of the queries must join together at least two tables. Feel free to use SQL functions, grouping, column aliases, and sorting to produce the most meaningful results.

Finally, upload on your project website a copy of the result set produced by each query. The database should be populated as in the previous deliverable. If there have been any changes to these data, make note of them in the following section.

Changes from the Previous Deliverables

In this section, document changes to this project's design or scope from that described in the last deliverable.

If you made any changes to previous project deliverable, you must resubmit (re-upload) the modified versions showing the changes. In this case, please highlight the changed requirements in some way.

Check out the sample deliverable for this part of the project.