CSC 4480: Principles of Database Systems
Project Phase 3: Relational Model

For this deliverable you'll create a relational schema from the entity-relationship model you previously designed.

Your deliverable must be uploaded on your project website, and must contain the following three sections:

  1. A relational schema diagram, which is the result of a direct translation of your E-R diagram into relations.
  2. A functional dependency analysis of your relational schema diagram, and conversion into 3NF form, if necessary.
  3. Descriptions of any changes from previous deliverables.

Each of these sections is described in more detail below.

1. Relational Schema Diagram

Your diagram must show every table and every column, and clearly mark the primary keys and the foreign keys. In addition, mark any column (foreign key or otherwise) that accepts NULL values.

2. Functional Dependencies and 3NF

List of all functional dependencies for each table, and normalize each table up to 3NF, if necessary. In particular, no column should be dependent on anything other than the full primary key for each table (2NF), and no transitive dependencies should be present (3NF), so that your tables are unlikely to be susceptible to anomalies. Redraw the relational schema diagram, if any changes are necessary to enforce the 3NF form.

3. Changes from the Previous Deliverables

In this section, document changes in the design of this project from that described in the previous two deliverable.

Check out the sample deliverable for this part of the project.


Please resubmit (upload on your website) modified versions of the previous project deliverables showing the changes, if any. If you do, please highlight the changed requirements in some way. All deliverables must be kept consistent.