Assignment 4
A Closer Look at the Mountain View Community Hospital

After developing a preliminary ER model and discussing it with the rest of your team, you realize that you need to delve deeper into the interview notes and documentation you obtained to add more detail to the model and possibly add entities and relationships you have overlooked.

The issues to be addressed are described in the Case Description at the end of chapter 3, page 148. Carefully read the Case Description, then type in your solutions to the following Case Exercises:

  1. Case Exercise #1, page 150.

  2. Case Exercise #2, page 150.

Please draw the ER diagrams neatly using a drawing program of your choice. You may use the online drawing program (simply scroll down to Entity Relation in the left side window and once you click on it you will see all the symbols needed to draw your ERD. Export your drawing in .png format, and insert it into your solution document. When saving/exporting, your document will be stored in your local Downloads folder).

Clearly indicate the different types of entities, attributes (identifiers, multivalued attributes, composite attributes, derived attributes) and relationships. Name each relationship and show its cardinalities.

Submit a printed copy of your solutions to your instructor on the due date for this assignment.