Project Phase #7: Web-Enabled Dynamic Queries

For this deliverable you will write a web application that interacts with your database to manage your business. This application must allow the user to extract specific information from the database, through a user-friendly form. The homescreen of your application should include both search and browse options, which are described in detail below.

Search Form

Searching is likely the most typical action for a user. The user should be presented with a form to specify their search criteria, and based on the results of the underlying database query, will be presented either a list of matching records or a single matching record if only one was found.

The search form must include at least three criterion fields relevant to the records being searched. The logic will work as follows: if no criteria are selected (i.e. all criteria are optional) the search will list all of the records; if one or more criteria are selected then the search will list those records that match all of the criteria simultaneously. Pick one or two business entities as the target of your search, preferably from among the ones used in the previous (static query) phase of your project.

Browse Link/Buttons

The search form screen must include at least three browse links or buttons. Each of these links or buttons will execute a "pre-packaged" search, based on predefined search criteria. This browse feature must employ the same search logic as that used in the manual criteria search described above.

Changes from the Previous Deliverables

In this section, document changes to this project's design or scope from that described in the last deliverable.

If you made any changes to previous project deliverable, you must resubmit (re-upload) the modified versions showing the changes. In this case, please highlight the changed requirements in some way.