Project Phase #5: DML Population

For this deliverable you'll create a script to populate your project database with business data.

Deliverable Format

Your deliverable must be uploaded on your project website, and must contain the following three sections:

  1. The script used to populate the schema tables,
  2. A listing of the contents of all of the tables in the project schema, and
  3. Descriptions of any changes from the previous deliverable.

Each of these sections is described in more detail below.

Schema Population Script

This script must be re-runnable. Your csdb database account must include all the data populated through this script.

You should populate your database with enough data to make it "interesting". In other words, insert at least a half-dozen rows into the most important tables in your schema, and try to create these rows so that they capture most of the possibilities implied by your design.

Your schema must use surrogate keys for at least one table, which must have foreign keys that reference the surrogate keys.

Do not refer to surrogate key values literally when inserting data into foreign key tables; instead, use the INSERT INTO SELECT syntax to retrieve those values as needed. (See the sample deliverable for an example.)

Table Contents

Include a document showing the contents of every table in your database schema (Use "SELECT * FROM table;" to accomplish this.)

Please ensure that the columns are vertically-aligned in your document(i.e. use a non-proportional font such as Courier New).

Changes from the Previous Deliverables

In this section, document changes to this project's design or scope from that described in the previous deliverables.

If you made any changes to previous project deliverable, you must resubmit (re-upload) the modified versions showing the changes. In this case, please highlight the changed requirements in some way.