Database Project Phase #4: DDL Schema

For this deliverable you'll use SQL to implement the relational schema you designed in the previous case.

Your deliverable must be uploaded on your project website, and must contain the following two sections:

  1. A schema SQL script file
  2. Descriptions of any changes from previous deliverables.

Each of these sections is described in more detail below.

2. Schema SQL Script File

Write the SQL DDL scripts necessary to produce the relational schema diagram you developed in part 1.

You may optionally include SQL DML statements as part of your script that populate one or more of your tables.

3. Changes from the Previous Deliverables

In this section, document changes in the design of this project from that described in the previous two deliverable.

Please resubmit (upload on your website) modified versions of the previous project deliverables showing the changes, if any. If you do, please highlight the changed requirements in some way. All deliverables must be kept consistent.