Posted Instructor: Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A
Aug. 27: Assignment #0: Bots and Botnets (html). Due on Sep. 4.
Sep. 4: Assignment #1: HTTP vulnerabilities (html). Due on Sep. 11.
Sep. 4: Assignment #2: Simple HTTP proxy (pdf). Due on Sep. 18.
Sep. 18: Assignment #3: Decoding Ethernet frames and IP datagrams (pdf). Due on Oct. 2.
Oct. 2: Practice for exam: IPv4 and Routing (html). No due date.
Oct. 2: Assignment #4: Ipv6 (html). Due on Oct. 23.
Oct. 22: Assignment #5: Decoding TCP, UDP, DHCP and DNS packets (pdf). Due on Oct. 30.
Environment Setup for Security Labs (html). Due on Oct. 30.
Practice for exam: Transport Layer (pdf). No due date.
Oct. 30: Lab #6: Crypto Lab -- Hash and Authentication (pdf). Due on Nov. 6.
Reference to EVP functions.
Nov. 6: Lab #7: Crypto Lab -- Symmetric Key Ciphers (pdf). Due on Nov. 13.
Files needed: pic_original.bmp, dictionary. Reference to EVP functions.
Nov. 20: Final project (pdf, due on Dec. 4). Files needed:
References: openssl-examples  developerworks
Last day to submit late assignments is December 4.