If you decide to complete your project in OpenGL, the opengl-series and the class activities should give you a good start.

One feature not covered in class is importing .obj objects in OpenGL. The project opengl-obj-import.zip includes code for importing and rendering .obj objects in OpenGL 3.2. It has been tested on both Windows and Mac, so you can use this code in your final project regardless of the platform you use. This code version renders colors, but not textures (it imports texture data, but it does not render it).

Acknowledgement: most of this code has been written by Jeremy Heaton, graduate student in Computer Science at Villanova. His code has been trimmed down and modified to work with OpenGL 3.2 and mesh it with the opengl-series.

Word of caution: completing your project in OpenGL is significantly more intensive than completing it in Vizard, so please plan accordingly.