Setting up a Colored World

In a previous assignment you modeled and animated a hierarchical object of your choice. In this assignment you will place your object in an actual world that includes colors and textures.

Keep in mind that you will use this world in producing a very short movie by the end of the course. There are many steps to creating a movie that involve a combination of aesthetic and technical skills. This course teaches you the basic technical aspects. The aesthetic quality of the final result is, however, dependent on how much thought and effort you put into it.

To Do:


At the beginning of your code, write a clear description of what the program does. Insert explanatory comments throughout your code.

Email to your instructor:

  1. A snapshot of your colored world.
  2. All the source files needed to recompile your code, plus your .blend files for the objects created in Blender.
  3. A readme file explaining the amount of time spent on this assignment, any known bugs, and any suggestions for improvement to this assignment.