Instructor: Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A
Week 1: Jan. 14 Computer Graphics Pipeline (pdf, updated 01/20/15). Assignment #1 out.
Week 2: Jan. 21 Data Flow from CPU to GPU: Vertex Array Objects and Vertex Buffer Objects (pdf). Assignment #2 out.
 Required reading:  Introduction to Modern OpenGL.
Week 3: Jan. 28 Shaders and Textures in Modern OpenGL. Texture images: Olaf and Sven.
  Required reading:  Modern OpenGL Textures. Assignment #3 out.
Week 4: Feb 4 Graphics Transformations (pdf). Assignment #4 out.
  Handouts (2D and 3D). References (2D applet, 3D self-training tool for Windows).
  Required readings:  Matrices, Vectors and OpenGL Transformations ( and learnopengl).
Week 5: Feb. 11 Transformations (continued)
  Required reading:  Matrices (opengl_series)
Week 6: Feb. 18 In-class Assessment: 3D Transformations. Assignment #6 out.
  Hierarchical Modeling (pdf). Robot skeleton (robotmain.cpp).
  Required reading:  Model Assets and Instances (opengl-series).
Week 7: Feb. 25 Viewing and Projection (pdf, updated on Feb. 27 to clarify camera transformations).
  Correction to Camera.cpp in the opengl_series code.
  Required readings:  Cameras and Projection (opengl-series).
Mar. 2-8: Spring Break
Week 8: Mar. 11 No class meeting this week. Get Your Feet Wet with Vizard and complete the posted assignment.
Week 9: Mar. 18 Keyframing and Interpolation (pdf). Assignment #8 out.
  Source files: robotinterp.cpp, keyframe.cpp, keyframe.h, keyframe.txt
Week 10: Mar. 25 Lighting in OpenGL: the Phong Illumination Model (pdf)
  Required readings:  Diffuse Lighting. Ambient and Specular Lighting. Types of Lights (opengl-series).
Week 11: Apr. 1 Phong Illumination Model (contd.)
Apr. 2 - 6: Easter Break
Week 12: Apr. 8 Hands-on: Gouraud Shading.
  Lighting in Vizard. Tutorial and Exercises
Week 13: Apr. 15 From Vertices to Fragments: Rasterization (pdf)
  Texturing in Vizard. Hands-on Activities.
Week 14: Apr. 22  
Week 15: Apr. 29 Student Project Presentations