Security Implications of Microsoft Windows Vista

The four questions below are based on the paper

             Security Implications of Microsoft Windows Vista

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  1. Name three developer-controlled technologies that lead to more secure applications in Windows Vista. Why does the availability of these not necessarily mean that Windows Vista is a more secure operating system?
    [Page 4]

  2. What is ASLR, how is it intended to increase security in Windows Vista, and how did Symantec analyze its efficiency at its intended purpose?
    [Pages 6,7 ]

  3. Describe one technology provided in Windows Vista intended to ensure kernel integrity. How well does it do its job?
    [Pages 7,8 ]

  4. With all the effort that Microsoft has placed into making Windows Vista an extremely secure operating system for home users, has the effort been in vain? Why or why not?
    [Page 12]