Spring 2007

CSC 8410 - Operating Systems

M 6:15 pm - 9:00 pm in Mendel G90

Instructor: Mirela Damian
Office: 167A Mendel Hall
Phone: (610)519-7414
Office hours:   M     2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
W    11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Presentation Schedule
Topic Schedule
Unix, C, GDB material
Java material
Textbook: Deitel, Deitel and Choffnes
Operating Systems, 3/e
Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-182827-4
Textbook supplements are available at   http://www.deitel.com/books/os3e/


  • The second project has been posted. Please start working on it early.


Date Posted Topic Covered Due Date Download
01/23/07 Your Unix Account Now html
01/22/07 Tiny Unix Shell M, 03/19/07 pdf
03/17/07 HTTP Proxy M, 04/23/07 C   Java

Presentation Schedule

Please schedule your presentation by selecting an available spot below (two students per spot). Email to me the members of your group, including email addresses, and the topic you would like to present. At least four days prior to your scheduled presentation, submit your slides and a set of 4-5 questions on your topic, along with references to resource material. Questions should be addressed to your peers and should be meant to guide them through the important aspects of your paper. Students (presenter included) should email me their answers to these questions prior to the scheduled presentation.

The recommended articles and Web links listed at the end of each chapter are rich resources for your presentation. Presentations should last 15-20 mins per student. Here are a few tips for a successful presentation.

Date Presentation Topic Student(s) Class
Week 5, Feb. 19 Process Scheduling [ch. 3,8,20,21] Jonathan  html ppt
March 5--11 Spring Break -- Enjoy!
Week 7, Mar. 12 Processes and Threads (any topic) Tao; Prabin Tao; Prabin Prabin
Week 8, Mar. 19 Real and Virtual Memory [ch. 9,10,11,20,21] Bogdan; Venkata Bogdan; Venkata Bogdan; Venkata
Week 9, Mar. 26 I/O, Files and Databases [ch. 12,13,20,21] Andrew G. html ppt
Week 10, Apr. 2 Performance, Multiprocessors [ch. 15,20,21] Hui and Xiaoyan; Kevin Xiaoyan; Hui Xiaoyan; Hui
April 5--9 Easter Break -- Enjoy!
Week 11, Apr. 16 Distributed Computing [ch. 5,17,18,20,21] Justin Justin; Justin
Week 12, Apr. 23 Protection and Security [ch. 19,20,21] Agya; Chris; Jacquelyn; Russell Jacquelyn;  Chris;  Agya;  Russell  Jacquelyn  (ans);  Chris;  Russell; 
Week 13, Apr. 30 Protection and Security [ch. 19,20,21] Tim; Andrew O.;
Paolo; Surya;
Paolo; Tim; Andrew O.; Surya  

Topic Schedule

Date Topic References
Week 1, Jan. 22 Tour of Operating Systems Ch. 1, 2, 3
Week 2, Jan. 29 Processes. Signal Handling. Shell Development. UG1   UG2
fork  exec  signals
Week 3, Feb. 5 No Class -- Complete the Handout on Unix Processes
Week 4, Feb. 12 Running Processes in Unix. Project Discussion. Notes  lab
Week 5, Feb. 19 Processor Scheduling. Ch. 8.  ppt(Jon)
Week 6, Feb. 26 Thread Management. Posix Threads and Semaphores. Ch. 4. Lab work:
March 5--11 Spring Break -- Enjoy!
Week 7, Mar. 12 More on Threads. Ch. 4. Lab work:
Week 8, Mar. 19 Real and Virtual Memory. Ch. 9 -- 11
Week 9, Mar. 26 TEST 1.
Week 10, Apr. 02 Project Discussion. Class Notes.
Apr. 5 - 9 Easter Break -- Enjoy!
Week 11, Apr. 16 OS Security Thompson's reflections on trust
Wheeler's Countering Trusting Trust
Internet Worm Analysis

Unix material

C material

GNU Debugger Material

    Quick GDB Reference pdf
    Complete GDB Reference pdf

Java material