Computer Systems - Final Presentation


For your final presentation, you have the opportunity to explore in detail any computer systems topic that has not been covered in class and is of interest to you. Topic examples are the file system structure in Unix-like operating systems, cloud storage, cloud security, distributed systems, operating system security.

Due Dates

  1. December 3, 2014.  Email your instructor a brief description of the topic of your presentation.

  2. December 10, 2014.  Email your instructor your presentation in PowerPoint or PDF format. Make sure to include a list of references that you have already used when researching your topic.

    Optionally, you may submit a 10- to 12- minute video file, along with your presentation slides in PowerPoint or PDF format. To create your video, you may choose to use CamStudio (Windows only), QuickTime or Powerpoint's built-in slide-show recording tools. You may choose to play the video in class or to deliver the presentation yourself. If you choose the latter, please make sure to keep within the 10-12 mins allotted time.


All presentations will be made available to the class. We expect to grade according to the following rubric, or something similar.

Content Strength of Content 4 (Exceptional) 3 (Admirable) 2 (Acceptable) 1 (Weak)
Abundance of relevant material. Key points are clearly emphasized and supported. Sufficient information with many good points made. Uneven balance of information. Great deal of information not clearly integrated or connected to the presentation topic. Goal of presentation unclear, information unrelated to the topic included.
Organization Information is presented in a logical sequence. Introduction made it clear what the topic was. Information has a logical sequence, with few exceptions. Presentation jumps around and lacks clear transitions. There is no sequence of information.
Visuals Excellent visuals tied to the presentation topic. Appropriate visuals are used and explained by speaker. Visuals are used but not explained or placed in the context. Few or no visuals, too much text on the slides.
Mechanics No misspellings or gramatical errors Two or three misspellings or gramatical errors Four or five more misspellings or gramatical errors Many misspellings or gramatical errors
Background references Presentation based on an in-depth investigation into related works and important references. References included, but have no strong connection to the material presented. No references given, but presentation seems factually correct. No references give, correctness of statements is uncertain.
Submission Timing 10- to 12- mins Within allotted time Within +/- 30 seconds of allotted time Within +/- 60 seconds of allotted time Too long or too short by more than 60 seconds
Verbal Skills Enthusiasm Demonstrates a strong positive feeling about topic during entire presentation. Ocasionally shows positive feelinga about topic. Shows some negativity towards topic. Shows absolutely no interest in topic.
Speaking Skills Uses a clear voice and speaks at a good pace, does not read off slides. Uses clear voice. Pace is a little slow or fast at times. Voice volume is low. The pace is much too fast / slow. Difficult to hear. Presenter mumbles, talks too fast/slow. Very difficult to hear or understand.