Blender Tutorial #6: Box Modeling a Cartoon Head

In this tutorial you will learn how to create the head of a bunny cartoon character starting from a box. You will learn how to round up a cube into a sphere, how to work in edit mode with vertices, edges and faces, how to extrude them, how to inset faces, subdivide faces, and how to select edge loops and edge rings.

To Do:

  1. Watch and follow along Tutorial 6: Box Modelling a Cartoon Head (22 mins)

    Here is a summary of new keyboard shortcuts you will be learning and using in this tutorial:

     Numpad 5  switch between orthographic and perspective projection
     t  bring up the toolbox menu (to use the subdivide option) in edit mode
     w  bring up a Specials menu (to use the subdivide option) in edit mode
     Alt-RMB on edge  select all edges in the loop containing the clicked edge
     Ctrl-Alt-RMB on edge  select all parallel edges in the ring containing the clicked edge
     i  inset faces; can also adjust depth and thickness
     z  switch between solid view and wireframe view

  2. Be ready to demo your cartoon head and alter it according to ad hoc guidelines given by the instructor.