Blender Tutorial #5: Introduction to Edit Mode

In the previous Blender tutorial you learned how to create a simple model in object mode, out of primitive shapes. This technique is pretty restrictive and cannot be used in creating complex models with a high level of detail.

This tutorial introduces you to the edit mode, which allows you to make changes to the vertices, the edges and the faces of an existing object, and to introduce new ones. You will learn how to build simple objects such as a desk, a chair, and a simple house structure.

To Do:

  1. Watch and follow along Tutorial 5: Introduction to Edit Mode (19 mins)

    Here is a summary of the keyboard shortcuts you will be using in this tutorial:

     Tab  switch between object mode and edit mode. Notice how the vertex, edge and face selection buttons are visible in edit mode (but not in object mode).
     e  extrude the selected vertex, edge or face
     e  extrude the selected vertex, edge or face
     e followed by number  extrude by the specified number of Blender units
     e followed by RMB
    (Right Mouse Button)
     extrude in place (double the vertices)
     Ctrl-r Hit Ctrl-r while holvering over the mesh to place a ring of edges around the mesh and subdivide the loop of faces it intersects. Click the LMB (Left Mouse Button) once you orient the cut, then LMB again to commit the cut. If the second click is done using the RMB instead, the cut is centered around the faces.
     Ctrl-r while scrolling up same as Ctrl-r, but it gives you more cut loops

  2. Once you have finished the tutorial, save your house and start over to create a simple object out of a box. It can be a box with a hole inside, or a window frame, or you could even reconstruct the chair from the tutorial on your own. Just practice the skills you have learned in this tutorial.

  3. Be ready to demo your house and alter it according to ad hoc guidelines given by the instructor.