Help: Instructor Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A. Office hours are on T(4:00-5:30) and Th(10:00-11:00).  
Piazza: Post your questions and answers on the Piazza class site.  
Jan. 14: OpenGL setup: Downloading Visual C++ 2013 and opengl-series.  
  Assignment #1: The Blender Interface. Due on  
Jan. 20: Assignment #2: Building a Snowman in Blender out of primitive shapes. Due on  
Jan. 27: Assignment #3: Modeling Simple Objects in Edit Mode. Due on  
Feb. 3: Assignment #4: Box Modeling a Cartoon Head. Due on  
Feb. 10: Assignment #5: Using the Mirror Modifier on the Bunny Head. Due on  
Feb. 17: Assignment #6: Hierarchical Modeling and Animation in Blender. Due on  
Mar. 7: Assignment #7: Getting your feet wet with Vizard. Due on  
Mar. 18: Assignment #8: Hierarchical Modeling and Keyframe Interpolation in Vizard. Due on  
Apr. 7: Assignment #9: Setting up a Colored World. Due on  
  Final Project: A Short (30-60 seconds) Movie. Due before class on Movie Gallerie