Write a one- to two-page summary of the following paper:

Achieving Acceptable Accuracy in a Low-Cost,
Assistive Note-Taking, Speech Transcription System

Organize your summary into sections that are clearly labeled and correspond to the items below. The entire paper summary should be written in your own words.

Name: Your name.

Date: Date of submission.

Paper Bibliography: Title, authors, where and when published. Use the IEEE Reference Style Guide.

  1. Problem Statement
    Write a description of the problem addressed in the paper and why the problem is significant (1 paragraph, in your own words).

  2. Results
    Summarize the major results of the paper. This should be concise and should demonstrate that you understand the paper (1 paragraph, in your own words).

  3. Proposed Solutions
    Briefly describe the authors' assumptions, proposed solutions and their limitations (2-3 paragraphs, in your own words).

  4. Discussion and Open Issues
    Discuss your own thoughts on the paper. Note aspects you like and aspects you think could be improved. Identify remaining open issues and directions for future work (1-2 paragraphs, in your own words).