CSRS 2007
1st Villanova University Undergraduate
Computer Science Research Symposium

Welcome from the Conference Chairs

Welcome to the 1st Villanova University Undergraduate Computer Science Research Symposium. This Fall 2007 symposium is the culmination of the research efforts of nine dedicated undergraduate students in the Computing Research Topics course at Villanova University. These students spent the past four months exploring the academic research process, including selecting a research topic and performing a literature survey, then writing an abstract, extended abstract, literature review and research proposal, and finally preparing a conference presentation.

The topics in this symposium cover a wide range of computer science ideas, from networks and security to facial recognition, speech recognition and parallel computing. The papers contained in these proceedings each present a concise survey of the subjects they cover, followed by a proposed direction for future research. Each of these works will be considered for submission to the Villanova University Undergraduate Research Grant Program, where student researchers are awarded special funding to advance their proposed research topic.

We are truly proud of the accomplishments of these nine outstanding computer scientists, and hope you enjoy reading the following collection of their persistence.

Most sincerely,

Mirela Damian, Ph.D.
Thomas Way, Ph.D.
Conference Chairs
Computing Research Topics professors

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- Thomas Henry Huxley

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- Lao-Tzu

Proceedings of the 1st Villanova University
Undergraduate Computer Science Research Symposium

Full Proceedings (pdf, 2.7MB)

Encryption: Strengths and Weaknesses of Public-key Cryptography
Matt Blumenthal

Face Recognition
Jonathan Bruno

Wireless Interference Reduction
Joseph Bruno

Applying the Graph Coloring Problem to Reduce Interference in Wireless Networks
Andrew Chickadel

Wireless Distribution Service for Large Scale, Low Power Networks
Xavier Halloran

Wireless Security: Secure and Public Networks
Kory Kirk

Methods for Improving Readability of Speech Recognition Transcripts
John McCoey

Parallel Computing
Daniel S. Priece

Guard Coverage Localization
Minh Kinh C. Tran

2007 Villanova University