Instructor: Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A
CSC Department Unix CSC Unix Network - basic info on logging in locally and remotely
CSC Help Desk and Peer Tutoring - experienced students are available to help
Linux & Virtual Machines Newbie Guide to Installing Linux as a Virtual Machine - install a virtual copy of Linux on your own computer
VMware Workstation 5.0 Keyboard Shortcuts - helpful keyboard shortcuts to do common things on VMWare
Online Linux Emulator - "log in" to a Linux machine and try commands and explore. (How does it work?)
Unix Quick reference to basic unix commands
Class Unix tutorial -- we will use this tutorial as reference
Another comprehensive Unix tutorial
TutorialsPoint Unix for Beginners
Summary of Emacs commands
More emacs commands
Number Systems Base converter
  A fun binary game
Floating Point IEEE 754 Calculator - Interactive binary floating point number word calculator
Floating Point Conversion - Interactive decimal to binary form
Programming in C Simple Input and output in C
TutorialsPoint C with examples
A basic C tutorial for beginners with examples
A tutorial on pointers and arrays in C
A 45 page summary of the C language from Stanford
Online C manual - prepared by a Villanova student for fellow students
Beej's Guide to C Programming - widely used online reference for C
The GNU C Library - a comprehensive reference manual
  The C library reference guide
Bitwise Operators - really good CodeProject article
Bitwise Operations in C - Wikipedia article, concise and accurate
Operators in C and C++ - excellent overview of all of the standard operators, including logical and bitwise
GNU Debugger Quick GDB reference
Complete GDB reference
Topical & Current Unicode text encoding
How CD Works - HowStuffWorks page about CDs
How DVD Works - HowStuffWorks page about DVDs
How Flash memory Works - HowStuffWorks page about Flash Memory
Video about 7 computer components - on HowStuffWorks page about PCI
Playlist revealing the magic behind gates and their use in computers
The Machine that Changed the World
Lecture notes & links - Univ. of Vermont CS department
History of Computing - related info at Univ. of Vermont
Videos online - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5