Assignment 3 - Numeric Data Types

In theory, a variable is an abstract concept. In implementation, a variable occupies a fixed storage. It is important how variables differ in storage, because this affects how variables can be used in different computations. This assignment develops an understanding of data types, based on an understanding of the actual memory they occupy.

These activities require the use of your "Programming in C" zyBook:

  1. Read sections 2.5 - 2.7 (inclusive) of chapter 2, "Number Representations". Pay careful attention to how variables of different types are allocated different amounts of memory space, the limitations of the floating point representation, and the effects of type casting. Complete all participation and challenge activities listed in these sections:

    The online nature of the zyBook encourages you to try things out and gives you immediate feedback. There is no limit on how many attempts you can make on the zyBook activities, and all that will be counted for your grade is completion of the required activities. Note however that your solutions are not permanently stored by the system, so if you refresh the current page or move to a different page, your answers will be lost. This feature is intentional, so that students can practice their understanding of the material as many times as they wish to.

What to turn in

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