Instructor: Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A
Aug. 29: Course Overview (pdf). Assignments #1 and #2 out.
Sep. 5: Characters and Finite State Automata (pdf).
Sep. 12: Bits and Bytes (pdf).
Sep. 19:
Sep. 26: Hands-On Bit Manipulations.
Oct. 3: Logical vs. Bitwise operators (pdf, recorded ppt). Hands-on lab exercises (pdf).
Oct. 10: Midterm. Logical circuits.
Oct. 15-21: Fall Break
Oct. 24: Arrays and Strings in C (pdf).
Oct. 31: Pointers and Structures in C (pdf).
Nov. 7: Dynamic Memory Allocation (pdf)
Nov. 14: Towards Assembly Language Programming (pdf)
Link: Jump Quick Reference
Nov. 20-25: Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 28: Memory Addressing Modes in X86 (pdf)
Handout: Translating X86 code to C code
Dec. 5: Stack Usage for Function Calls in X86 (pdf)
Handout 1: Understanding the X86 Stack Layout
Handout 2: Understanding Array Allocation on the X86 Stack
Dec. 12: Buffer Overflow Attacks (pdf). Review for final exam.
Final Exam on December 19, 6:00 - 8:30 pm, in Mendel G88 (regular classroom).