Help: Instructor Mirela Damian, Mendel 167A. Office hours are on M(4:00-5:00) and W(1:30-3:30).
The Teaching Assistant for this class, Siva Kumar Nalanagula, holds office hours on Tuesdays, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, in the Software Engineering lab, Mendel 158. You may also email him with questions at
More Teaching Assistants are available to help you with programming and basic system issues. Check out their schedule.
Aug. 29: Assignment #0: Complete these Unix activities and turn in your answers to the following file system exercises. Due on
Assignment #1: Input and Output in C (html). Due on
Sep. 5:
Sep. 12: Assignment #2: Characters and Finite State Automata   (pdf or html). Due on
Sep. 19: Assignment #3: Bits and Bytes  (html). Due on
Sep. 26: Assignment #4: Bit Manipulation Puzzles (pdf). Due on
Oct. 15-21: Fall Break
Oct. 24: Assignment #5: ALU Implementation using Logical Gates (html). Due on In-class demo available here.
Oct. 31: Assignment #6: String Manipulation (html). Due on
Nov. 7: Assignment #7: Pointers and Memory Allocation (pdf). Due on
Nov. 20-25: Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 28: Assignment #8: Translating X86 Code to C Code (pdf). Due on