CSC 9010: Text Mining Applications
Spring, 2012
Paula Matuszek
Adjunct Professor, Villanova
E-mail: or
Phone: (610) 647-9789

Student Questionnaire

  1. Name?

  2. Email Address?

  3. Phone number where you can be reached Monday during the day? (This is for use in case I have to cancel or delay class for some reason. If you are more likely to get a message if it's email please let me know that also.)

  4. Do you have any coursework or experience in machine learning? Natural Language Processing? Knowledge-Based systems> (This helps me have some idea how to focus the class).

  5. What programming background do you have in Python? Java? Other?

  6. Are you planning to use your own computer for assignments and projects or Villanova's equipment? If your own, what OS are you running? (I try to make sure the software we use runs on pretty much anything, but it helps if I know what to aim for.)

  7. Why are you taking this class? What do you hope to get out of it?

  8. Anything else I should know?