CSC 9010, Spring 2011
Knowledge-Based Systems.

Thurs 6:15 - 9:00, Mendel 290
Dr. Paula Matuszek


This syllabus is a work in progress; expect changes!

Jan 13: Introduction and Architecture of Knowledge-Based Systems.     Reading: Chapters 1 and 2
CLIPS Presentation.    
Assignment 1.
Simple Snow program.    
Slightly more complex Snow program.    
Lab Discussion, English.    
Lab Discussion, turned into CLIPS.    
Jan 20:: Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Representation.     Reading: Chapter 3
Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Engineering Presentation.    
Second CLIPS Presentation    
Assignment 2.    
Jan 27: Snow day.   
Feb 3: Fuzzy Systems.     Reading: Chapter 5.
Feb 10: Agent-Based Systems.     Reading: Chapter 6
Introduction to Agents.    
Conflict Resolution.    
Feb 17: Knowledge Management.     Reading: Chapter 4.
Student CLIPS project presentations.
Brief Watson Presentation    
Final Project Information    
Feb 24: Ontologies.     Protégé 1
Ontologies Presentation    
Assignment 5.    
Mar 3: Spring Break.
Mar 10: Protégé 2
Protégé tutorial    
Mar 17: Inference with Protégé.
Inference Presentation    
Mar 24: Connectionist Models.     Reading: Chapter 7.
Artificial Neural Networks lab    
Assignment 6.    
Mar 31: Guest speaker: James McAssey, Vice President at Discovery Machine, Inc.
Student Protégé project presentations.
April 7: Guest speaker: Evan Sandhaus, Lead Architect, Semantic Platforms at The New York Times
April 14: Student Presentations
Automated Knowledge Acquisition    
April 21: Easter Break
April 28: Student Presentations.
May 5: Final Exam Date