CSC 9010: Knowledge Based Systems

Spring, 2011, Thursday, 6:15-9:00, Mendel 290.

Dr. Paula Matuszek
Phone: (610) 647-9789

Description: This course is a seminar on knowledge-based systems, including basic concepts, hands-on applications, and current research.Increasingly, the tools and applications developed in computer science include a component which reflects knowledge about a specific domain.

As we move more and more toward web-based applications, and increasingly want all of these applications on the internet to be able to talk to each other, there is also an increased push to make the web easier for applications to use by providing underlying structure, creating the semantic web.

The knowledge about human domains and reasoning which underlies both current applications and the potential future is captured in knowledge bases such as rules and ontologies, tools for formalizing the relevant concepts and relationships in a way that can be useful to a program or application.

This course will be a seminar in the current state of knowledge based system development. It will include an introduction to basic concepts of capturing and using human knowledge in knowledge bases (KBs), followed by hands-on experience with tools for building and reasoning with KBs. It will also include discussions of current research in Knowledge-Based Systems.

The textbook for the course is Knowledge-Based Systems, by Rajendra Akerkar and Priti Sajja, Jones and Bartlett, 2009; ISBN: 978-0763776473. .

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