CSC 8520, Spring 2010, Weds 6:15 - 9:00. Dr. Paula Matuszek

Academic Integrity

You are expected to know and follow both the university's and the department's academic integrity policy. In particular, any work that is turned in for a grade must be your own.

Turning in someone else's word, or even ideas, without giving that person credit is plagiarism. Plagiarism is a problem for several reasons:

We will use the web for many of our sources, and for much of our work. You must reference any material you use from the web. Your assignments should be your own work, in your own words. You must explicitly quote any work you use from someone else, and quotes should not make up most of any assignment. A web reference should include at least the URL and the date you accessed the material. If you can identify an author, title, etc, you should also include those. Be sure the URL you provide actually points to the material you are using. Some sites are constructed so that you can't do deep linking to individual pages. If so then your reference should include the actions needed to reach the material. In other words, one purpose of the reference is to allow someone else to get to the same material.

You must also reference any material you use from anywhere else. Any time you use something that is not your own original work you must indicate that with quotes and references as appropriate.

For homework assignments the work should be your own; you can quote material found elsewhere, but you should not turn in an assignment consisting primarily of others' writing.

Note that helping someone else violate the policy is also a violation. If you allow someone else to copy your work, you are both in violation..

The department maintains a detailed site about academic integrity at Look at it, look at the department and university policies, if you have never taken the interactive quiz do so.

I am serious about this. If someone commits a violation of academic integrity in this class, I will pursue it and I will impose penalties ranging from flunking the assignment to flunking the course. The university may also impose separate penalties.

If you have any questions about this, come talk to me, before there is a problem. Read this information now, because I will not accept "I didn't understand" or "I didn't mean to" or "I forgot" or "There was only a little bit of it" as an excuse; I will not give any second chances.