CSC 8520, Spring 2004
Artificial Intelligence
Th 6:15 - 8:45, Mendel 156
Paula Matuszek, Robin McEntire


This syllabus is a very rough first draft. Most of the links don't actually exist yet, and the topics, etc, may change substantially. .
Jan 15: Introduction.  Reading: Chapter 1
Intro presentation     Assignment 1.
Jan 22: Intelligent Agents. Introduction to Prolog.  Reading: Chapter 2
Agents presentation.   Prolog presentation.     Additional Prolog Resources.
Assignment 2.    Prolog Assignment 1.
Note: Additional versions of slides for the book are available at the text book web page.
Jan 29: Search 1.    Reading: Chapter 3
Simple Search presentation. 
Feb 5: Search 2.  Reading:
Search 2 Presentation.
Prolog Sample World. .     
A* Search Prolog Program.     
Assignment 3 .     
Feb 12: Search 3.  Reading: chapter 6
Search 3 Presentation
Feb 19: Logic.   Reading: chapters 7-9
Logic Presentation
Prolog Assignment 2.    Project Information 
Feb 26: Midterm
Midterm Notes.
Mar 4: Spring Break
Mar 11: Knowledge Representation.  Reading:  Chapter 10
Knowledge Representation presentation.
Mar 18: Knowledge Representation, continued.
Mar 25: Robotics.    Resolution Theory.     Reading: Chapter 25.
Robotics presentation.
Apr 1: Information Extraction in a Biomedical Domain
Information extraction using AeroText.
Reading for AI and Games
Apr 8: Easter Break
Apr 15: Natural Language Processing Introduction.     AI and Games intro.
Games Discussion
Apr 22: Student Presentations.      AI and games.
Sindhu Kutty
Games Presentation
April 29: Student Presentations:
Conclusions.   Reading:  Chapters 26, 27.
Conclusions presentation.
May 6: Final Exam.  Exam Notes.