CSC 9010-002, Spring 2002
Special Topic: Web Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Th 6:15 - 8:45, Mendel 260
Dr. Paula Matuszek


This syllabus is very much a work in progress, especially for the dates after the exam. I am still in the process of confirming guest speakers and that may change the schedule significantly. And depending on the background and interest of the students I may lengthen or shorten some topics.

Jan 17: Intro. Presentation.     Assignment 1. Ch.1, FOA.

Jan 24, 31: Web searching and search engines. Presentation.     Presentation 2.     Assignment 2.     Google paper (pdf).     Google Presentation.     Google paper (html). Ch. 2&3, FOA.

Feb 7, 14: Text mining. Text Mining Introduction. Text Mining Examples. Assignment 3.     Note deadline change. Alternate Assignment 3.

Feb 21, 28: Data Mining, Clickstream mining. Data, Clickstream Mining, Privacy Presentation.     Assignment 4.

Mar 7: Spring break

Mar 14: Midterm Midterm Notes.

Mar 21: Rich Knowledge-based Systems: Cyc Knowledge Server. Cyc web site.

    One page project description due today.

Mar 28: Easter Break

Apr 4: Guest speaker. Knowledge-based Information Extraction: Aerotext.

Apr 11: Guest speaker, Semio.

Project details.

Apr 18: Student Presentations

List of projects.    

April 25: Student Presentations

May 2: Reading Day

May 9: Exam (we will use this as a makeup day if necessary.)