CSC 9010-002, Spring 2002
Special Topic: Web Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Th 6:15 - 8:45, Mendel 260
Dr. Paula Matuszek

Grading and Assignments.

The class will fall into two halves, more or less. In the first half I will present basic concepts and topics in the area, and make homework assignments that I think reinforce or add insight to these concepts. At the end of this part I will give an exam which assesses your knowledge of and insight into these basic concepts.

In the second half we will go into substantially more detail for a selected set of topics. This will include guest speakers, demonstrations or discussions of specific tools, presentations by class members, and anything else relevant to the topic that I think looks interesting or worthwhile.

Grading will be based on three things:

Homework assignments. These will account for approximately 40% of your grade.

Exam: There will be one exam, given about half-way through the semester. It will cover the basic ideas and concepts that have been presented up to that point. This will account for 30% of your grade.

Paper Presentation. This will involve choosing a topic of interest in this area and presenting it to the class. Your presentation should take about 15 minutes, and typically would include a powerpoint or other presentation. I will expect you to hand in a copy of your slides or whatever other materials you use. The presentation will account for approximately 30% of your grade.