CSC 8520: Artificial Intelligence
Fall, 2015, Weds, 6:15-9:00, Mendel G90.
Dr. Paula Matuszek
E-mail: or
Phone: (610) 647-9789
TA:  Harish Vempati


Artificial Intelligence is a fast-moving field, and the syllabus may be modified significantly as the semester progresses.   This is especially true of the last half of the semester.

Date Topic Reading Assignment
Aug 26 Introduction, Intelligent Agents.  
R&N, Ch 1 and 2 Assignment1



Sept 2 Search as an Agent,  Prolog.
R&N, Ch 3.1-3.4
Assignment 2

Agent Search Presentation.

Prolog Intro, Assignment.    Prolog Presentation

Sept 9 Intelligent Search (Informed, Adversarial) R&N, Ch 3 and 5
Assignment 3

Intelligent Search Presentation   Prolog 2 Presentation

Sept 16 Constraint Satisfaction R&N, Ch 6
Assignment 4

Short Presentation:  Enea Tsanai

Constraint Presentation

Constraint Lab

Sept 23 Logical Agents, First Order Logic R&N, Chs 7 and 8

Logic Presentation     Logic Lab

Sept 30 Inference  R&N, Ch 9
Assignment 5

Short Presentation:  Jeff Linahan

Inference Presentation  Inference Lab

Midterm Notes      baby

Oct 7 Midterm

Oct 14 Fall break

Oct 21 Planning R&N, Ch 10
Assignment 6

Planning Presentation  Planning Lab

Short Presentation:  Chandra Pavan Puli

Oct 28 Knowledge Representation R&N, Ch 12

Knowledge Representation Presentation

Short Presentation:  Vellanki Sneha

Nov 4 Machine Learning
R&N, 18.1-18.3
Assignment 7

Machine Learning 1 Presentation

Weka Lab


Short Presentation:  Jeremy Heaton 

Nov 11 Machine Learning R&N, 18-4 - 18.9, 18.12
Assignment 8

Evaluating Classifiers Presentation

Machine Learning 2 Presentation

Second Weka Lab

Short Presentation:  Sandra Mosquera Davidson 

Nov 18
Natural Language Processing
R&N, Chs 22 & 23

Natural Language Processing Presentation


Short Presentation: Matthew Thorne

Nov 25 Thanksgiving break

Dec 2 Robotics R&N, Ch 25
Project Due

Robotics Presentation

Text Only

Short presentation:  Jeff Linahan

Dec 9 Conclusion, Project Presentations. R&N, Chs 13 & 24

Student Presentations

Notes for the final

Summary Presentation

Dec 16 Final Exam